Our Mission

Our Mission

West Michigan Teacher Collaborative exists to ensure all students in Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa Area ISDs have excellent teachers. We seek to be a model of high-quality educator preparation and development in the region, and to create a community of highly-trained educators who reflect the rich diversity of our students. We believe great teachers can dramatically impact the lives of students, families, and the communities they serve.

Our Approach

West Michigan Teacher Collaborative lowers the bureaucratic and financial barriers to the teaching profession while maintaining high standards for teacher preparation and quality. West Michigan Teacher Collaborative candidates participate in a rigorous selection process designed to identify their potential to accelerate learning and their passion for serving students and families. Once selected, candidates receive full-time employment opportunities during their certification process, free coursework, living stipends, and a community of support to help them navigate the challenges of transitioning into the profession. We partner with Grand Valley State University for all required coursework, and classes use a hybrid model of in-person and online instruction. All learning experiences are designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to be an effective teacher.

Our Values

Pursue Excellence
We hold ourselves to high standards. We support others to be their best, and expect that others will push us to do the same. We focus on achieving ambitious goals for student learning.

Strengthen Community
We elevate our collective strength by building diverse and inclusive environments. We practice empathy and extend grace when needed. 

Serve with Humility
We accept the strengths and limitations of our experiences. We seek to understand, then be understood.

Act with Courage
We do hard things even when we feel hesitant or afraid. We take risks and encourage others to do the same. 

Learn Continuously
We believe that learning is an ongoing process and there will always be room to grow. We understand that something valuable can be learned in every situation and seek to understand what it is. 


September 27, 2023
West Michigan Teacher Collaborative Creates Opportunities for Educators and New Teachers

Kent ISD along with Ottawa Area ISD and Muskegon Area ISD are creating new pathways for more than 300 existing and aspiring educators to obtain advanced credentials or earn a teaching certificate tuition free through West Michigan Teacher Collaborative.